These are stories about how cities are made

by the people who (really) make them.

medellín, mi hogar / my home medellín 2011 DVD Lanzamiento

DukeEngage Colombia, Medellín Solidaria & 131 Familias Presentan:

medellín, mi hogar / my home medellín 2011
DVD Lanzamiento 
13 documentales de 5 minutes

ITM (Boston)  4pm-6pm    
Calle 54 No 30-01 / Teléfono:460 0727

Dear All,
We invite you to our debut show of 13 documentaries we made between June-July 2011 in Medellín with  Duke University students, Medellín Solidaria and families in 15 neighborhoods throughout Medellín.  The theme is stories they wish to tell about how they have built their city. The 13 families themselves will be present at the debut as protagonists, audience, presenters and critics of the documentaries. 

DukeEngage Colombia, Medellín Solidaria & 131 Familias Present:

medellín, mi hogar / my home medellín 2011
DVD Launch 
13 documentaries     5 minutes each

ITM (Boston)  4pm-6pm    
Calle 54 No 30-01 / Teléfono:460 0727